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Meet The Team!

It started with a cow.

The "CashCow" Academy owes its name to a unique story. It all started when Albert, a student, sold his cow to fund his trading pursuits. This marked the beginning of both Albert's and our academy's transformative journey, inspiring us to develop an online course. Our founder, Mrad, has been coaching students using a distinctive method known as the "Cadet Program". The program is designed to instill military-grade discipline in our students, a critical quality for achieving success in the trading world and joining theĀ profitable 7%.

The Founder, Trainer, and Author of the book.

Mohammad Murad "Mrad"

Murad's journey from an engineer to a successful day trader and wealth manager is truly inspiring. After achieving notable milestones in day trading and wealth generation, he embarked on a mission to foster financial resilience among individuals. As a part of this mission, he began teaching and developed methodologies aimed at empowering people financially. His expertise in the field of finance and his dedication to sharing knowledge have been instrumental in helping many achieve their financial goals.

TheĀ Strategy Guy

Michael Makdah "Meesh"

Meesh is a seasoned entrepreneur with expertise in growth strategies. Those who took the course loved it and decided to help spread its message using his business and growth skills. Meesh has recently left the 9-5 world to become a full-time trader.

TheĀ Execution GuyĀ Ā 

Mohammad Alshar "Alshar"

Alshar, another satisfied student of the course, used his tactical abilities to breathe life into the academy. Known for his efficiency and ability to execute, he is the man who consistently delivers results.